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Choosing a Location for your Pet Photography Session

There are no shortage of great locations throughout Pittsburgh for your on-location pet photography session.  When you book a pet photography session with Nicole Begley Photography we will work together to choose a location that showcases your pet at their best.  We will choose a location that has colors that will look gorgeous with your decor.  We will choose a location that is unique.

This post will give you an idea of the different types of session locations that are available.  If you are particularly drawn to one type of session location, please let me know during our planning process.  Please don’t feel like we have to do your session at home if your dog isn’t allowed to be off-leash when he’s not in the backyard.  Entire sessions are often done on-leash for the safety of your pet and then the leash is magically removed in my post-processing to prepare for print.  

Urban Sessions:

These sessions are often held near downtown Pittsburgh.  There are so many incredible nooks and crannies from the South Side to Oakland, to the North Shore, Downtown, Convention Center, Strip, Shadyside, and beyond.  You can also get a bit of the urban session look in downtown sections of your neighborhood, such as Mt. Lebanon or Sewickley.  Dogs will almost always remain on-leash during these sessions due to the traffic and general congestion in the city.  I do not recommend urban sessions for extremely nervous dogs or dogs that can be aggressive towards other dogs or humans.

Urban sessions often have lots of flexibility in timing as we can find good light at many hours of the day.

If you love the look of both urban sessions and more natural settings we can combine the two at many locations.  We can photograph with the color, texture, and lines of the city sessions and then move to some green space nearby to capture your dog in a more natural setting.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Park Sessions:

These sessions can be held at many of the parks throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Region.  Think tall grasses, ponds, barns…think rural.  I have a handful of session locations that go beyond North and South Park so if you enjoy the look of these types of sessions we can still find something unique near your home.

Park sessions are best held in the late evening, beginning approximately 90 minutes prior to sunset.

Home Sessions:

Home sessions are a wonderful way to document your life and your pet’s place in it.  Tribute Sessions are sometimes held in the home, especially when traveling has become difficult for your aging companion.  Cat sessions are almost always held in the home as they are much more comfortable on their turf.

Home sessions are best held during the day when the sun is fairly bright, to allow for enough light in the home.

Studio Sessions:

Studio sessions are held at my home studio in Wexford, PA.  Studio Sessions may be booked separately or as part of a Signature Session.

If you haven’t yet booked your pet’s moment in the spotlight, what are you waiting for?  Fill out your inquiry form here.

Hero – Pittsburgh Equine Photography

It’s true.  I have never outgrown my love of ponies and horses.  There is nothing that I love more then equine photography sessions.

equine photography in pittsburgh

This is Hero and his mom, Diane.  He is one of my personal favorite types of horses, an off-the-track-thoroughbred, and he’s 17 years young.  Our session took place at Appleworks Farm, a lovely hunter stable high on a hill in Valencia, PA.

pittsburgh equine photography

Of course no session is complete without the other four-legged family members…

dog photography

An equine photography session wouldn’t be complete without some under saddle images as well…


Horse owners in the Greater Pittsburgh area and Northeast Ohio area now have two different equine photography sessions to choose from.  The first, is the On the Farm Session, which is what we did with Hero.  I will come to your barn and we will create a variety of gorgeous images showcasing the relationship between you and your equine partner.  The On the Farm Sessions can include under saddle work as well.

Do you love to compete?  Consider a Show Day Experience.  I will meet you at the show grounds for a full day of photography coverage.  We will capture the details of your day from preparing for the event, warming up, and competing.  The images will be displayed in a gorgeous top of the line coffee table album for you to enjoy for decades to come.  I wish more then anything that I had an album like this from my days competing.

Learn more about the equine photography options here.  I hope to see you at the barn!

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    Oh, man. That is one really pretty looking horse. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a horse, so I’m a little jealous of those that do. So great to have their friendship documented like this.ReplyCancel

Animal Rescue League Fund-Raiser

The local shelters in Pittsburgh take in tens of thousands of dogs, cats, horses, pigs, bunnies, and any other creature you can think of each and every year.  It’s an amazing amount of work and it can be overwhelming to think about the shear number of animals that go through their doors.  One of the benefits of my business is to create opportunities to give back to these incredible institutions.




During the month of March, you can book a pet or equine session for a special rate of only $95, that is a $55 savings!  Even better then that is that 100% of the $95 session fee will be donated to the Animal Rescue League.

The session doesn’t have to be held in March, it can be held anytime throughout the there is no excuse that it’s still too cold outside!  Additionally, clients can choose to create expressive and modern artwork with an outdoor on-location session or in the new Nicole Begley Photography studio in my home in Wexford.

The time that we spend with our pets is short…..there is never a better time then now to create imagery that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Fill out the inquiry form here to learn more about the different sessions that are available or give me a call at 724-766-6103.  I look forward to working with you!

Brutus – Pittsburgh On-Location Dog Photography

Say hello to Brutus…

Pittsburgh Dog Photography

He was named Brutus because he was the largest in the litter.  He is a super sweet and loves his momma just as much as she loves him.



dog photography


Capturing the relationship between you and your pet is one of my favorite things about an on-location Classic or Signature Session.  Did you know that the Signature Session has changed and is now an all-inclusive option that includes two different sessions?  You can read more about it on the investment page.  

Monthly Challenge – Reflection

If you follow my family photography blog you may be aware that I attended a fabulous workshop last February in Austin, Texas – Pinkletoes.  You can read about the Pinkletoes workshop here.  I’ve kept in touch with a group of ladies from the workshop and we’ve created a monthly challenge for the year.  One theme, one image.  Hopefully I can keep up!  If you don’t know, I’m TERRIBLE at 365 projects, or even 52 projects, which is taking a photo every day for a year or every week for a year.  Maybe a 12 project is more my speed.  ;)

The first theme is reflection.  I was playing with my studio lighting, 100 mm macro lens, and my kitty Mittens.  This is the result:

Macro shot of cat

You can always “read” the light in an image by looking at the reflection in the subject’s eyes.  Here I was using a 4×6 Softbox as you can see with the big rectangle catchlight.  Stay tuned for an exciting new announcement at Nicole Begley Photography – Studio Sessions!  They are coming soon!  If you would like to be put on the list to learn more about them fill out a session inquiry form here.